The Blonde

IMG_20151121_134646[1] I’m Kristi. I’m a born and raised Albertan, and happy to finally be back home in Edmonton. Currently working to find balance between my personal life, my health and my future – whatever that may be.

For someone who used to talk for a living, I’m not very good at the whole “telling you about myself”. But I’m pretty okay at talking about things that happen in my life. I hope you can relate to what I have to say, and if you do – share my posts with your friends! And if you don’t – let’s have a conversation about it!

I’m not a professional writer. I’ve been trained to write “for the ear”. We’re pretty casual around here – the grammar and comma police can check their badges at the door. I love ellipsis and brackets. And italics. I love italics.

I admit that I’m not a frequent blogger (part of that balance thing), so I encourage you to sign up for email notifications or follow through WordPress!

5 thoughts on “The Blonde

  1. this is so cool is this like a website? remember im so dumb to all this new stuff with blogs and webs…get me in touch with the real world hun before brad knows more and then im doomed! love ya g

  2. I enjoyed this quite a bit and am perplexed as to why you are
    not on the very first page of the big g.
    I was literally Six pages deep before I stumbled upon this page.
    That’s a waste really, because the material on the first 5 pages was not that good. Google has fallen a good deal if it’s going to take me 7 or more
    pages to locate something worthy of reading through!

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